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KOL-Group is a leading provider of Smart Grid "end to end" solutions for electricity utilities; developing, manufacturing, and marketing a complete AMI & AMR portfolio of innovative products including smart meters, communications infrastructure, demand response and smart home appliances, as well as MDM software, utilizing all available open protocol communication such as RF, GPRS, and Ethernet.  KOL-Group offers high level applications including: outage management; GIS Scada systems; load management; energy forecasting; dynamic pricing; distribution automation; and real-time losses detection.

KOL-Group has received extensive recognition for its exceptional Power line Communications (“PLC”) performance, having achieved 99+% communications in real-time. KOL-Group remains dedicated to maintaining strong recognition throughout its customer base, that the Company identifies global smart grid market trends and consistently develops the latest technology at the forefront of product innovation, which offers substantial advantage to utilities.

The Company also provides solutions for industrial users including energy savings companies and cellular operators to calculate energy usage of their mobile towers.

KOL-Group was established in 1996, and is supported by a strong design group based in Israel.


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About US

Josef Nirel

Joseph Nirel founded the company in 1996 when he possessed and led by companies dealing in power many years ago

Joseph Nirel invented and developed a patented product with PV systems (photovoltaic)


Read More Abour the Patenet pending


Nirel Or B.Sc.EE

Or Nirel B.Sc.EE Hold on electrical engineering government licenses. Or nirel is a KOL chief designer. Extensive experience in designing high voltage system, Low voltage system,  electrical rooms, rooms, transformer systems and UPS and generation systems .


Or Nirel have a Inspectror No.3 government licenses

Our Cleint - in israel
Kibots client's: Ramat Hakovesh, Eyal,Nir Eliyahu,Ortal,Kfar Hansie.

Government client's: TLV  Municipality - ezra and bitzaron, karnei shomeon counsel, Shomron Regional councel, Israel Broadcasting Authority.

Privete client's:  ZARA, Shekem Electric, And More.


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