KOL Group 1996 LTD


KOL-Group is a Electrical Engineering company based in Israel, the company Team including Engineers, R&D team and more, KOL-Gruop leading provider of Smart Grid "end to end" solutions for electricity, utilities, developing, manufacturing, and marketing a complete AMI & AMR Solutions.



Design of high voltage electrical systems
Design of low-voltage electrical systems
Electrical design cities and neighborhoods
Design of the electrical industry
Street lighting design
Paging Systems Planning and regeneration
Grounding systems design
Electrical Inspection
Thermographs scans by electrical engineers

Smart Grid and Smart Home
KOL-Group started Research and development R & D, production, marketing and operation for smart energy Meters.
Collaboration with a leading company in the world.
all products with global standarts such as
KEMA, dlms, STS, IEC
Wide range of products for all uses in energy shares, issue tracking and electricity bills.