Emergency Remote PV Disconnection

BEWARE - Risk of death in case of fire from rooftop PV without an emergency disconnection switch (PV Hot Button) by KOL-Group Ltd. – a new patented technology


Firemen are exposed to heightened danger of electrocution when they arrive to extinguish fire at locations which includes solar panels.  In response to the unmet demand for a solution to the problem of instantaneously switching off the power generated by PV cells in the event of a fire, KOL-Group Ltd., a leading developer and manufacturer of electrical engineering solutions and Smart Grid systems, has launched the unique and patented “PV Hot Button”, the gold standard safety precaution.




Especially in the event of a fire (but also for maintenance, cleaning or repair work) personnel must be able to take the necessary precautionary measures and instantly disconnect the production of electricity from the PV installation. While cities around the world are being swept by the Green mania, and are demanding more rooftop panel installations, many fire authorities have regulations stipulating that buildings that have not been properly isolated from the power supply must not be entered for indoor firefighting.   Even during periods of low solar radiation, the cables between the PV modules and the power inverter are energized with voltages of up to 1000V (120 V DC is enough to cause fatal electric shocks).

Existing solutions only isolate and disconnect the DC cable between PV modules and the power inverter but do not prevent the flow of electricity from the solar panels.  System voltages as high as 600V DC may still be present.  Walking or breaking PV modules may expose the fire fighter to the full system voltage. Cut or damaged wires from a nighttime operation could become energized in the day-time.

Gold Standard Safety Solution

The PV Emergency Disconnection Switch (PV Hot Button) by KOL-Group Ltd. is a safety unit controlling current and voltage using remote wireless communication. The PV Hot Button is used to instantaneously, safely, and remotely disconnect solar panels, as well as being able to improve the quality of the power generated during normal operation.

Key Features:


1. Wired & wirelessly disconnect and connect solar panel systems from a safe distance (up to tens of meters) in seconds.


2. Disconnection of the flow is performed by a dedicated direct DC relay.


3. Adheres to guidelines of the Electric Utility Companies for direct tension up to 120 volts.


4. Mandated as compulsory requirement by the Israel Fire Service for approving structures with a PV installation.


5. The system is comprised of global standard components designed for critical systems.


6. Small physical size, and can be installed quickly to all types of existing solar panels and does not require any changes to existing systems.


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